Margaret Chardiet NYC

The Men “I Saw Her Face” 

Psychic Ills “One More Time”

Psychic Ills, “Travelin’ Man” (by fingeredmedia)

Cult of Youth “Man and Man’s Ruin” Official Music Video (by SacredBonesRecords)

The Men - Candy

Not particularly new, but Sacred Bones reposted so it’s a good excuse for me to aswell

Cult of Youth - Man and Man’s Ruin

Sean Ragon has been active in the DIY punk, industrial and experimental music communities on the east coast for over 15 years while also runing a record store and label in Brooklyn (Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respectively). He has been recording under the moniker of Cult of Youth for the last five years. 


Psychic Ills, “I’ll Follow You Through the Floor” (by fingeredmedia)


The Men - Candy (by silencer51)

from 2012’s ‘Open Your Heart’ out March 6th

The Men - Turn It Around (by silencer51)

from 2012’s ‘Open Your Heart’ out March 6th